2. Guide for Patients
  3. Guide to Hospitalization and Visitors

Guide to Hospitalization and Visitors

Consultation Hours

Reception Hours


Please confirm the outpatient consultation schedule in advance (Outpatient Consultation Schedule), as some clinical departments may be closed for examinations or operations.


Every Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Substitute Holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays

Application for Hospital Admission

If you wish to be admitted, please consult the physician currently treating you, and apply for hospital admission at Hospital Admissions on the 1st floor.

Information on Hospital Rooms

Please indicate your requested hospital room type to Hospital Admissions on the 1st floor. Depending on the availability of hospital beds, your requested room type may not be available. Your treatment schedule will be prioritized. Explanation of the facilities in each room will be given at Hospital Admissions on the 1st floor.

Special Private Room 41,800 yen/day per room (tax included)–
Private Room in General Ward 27,500 yen/day per room (tax included)
4-Bed Room in General Ward No additional room charge
Private Room in Obstetrics Ward 55,000 yen/day per room (tax included) and 27,500 yen/day per room (tax included)

If you will be admitted to Ward 4C, please consult Hospital Admissions on the 1st floor.

Hospital Admission Procedures

  • On the day of hospital admission, please bring the following items and go directly to Hospital Admissions on the 1st floor by the time indicated by your consulting clinical department. Hospital admission procedures will be conducted.
    • Guide to Hospital Admissions (booklet)
    • Patient registration card (plastic card)
    • Health insurance card
    • Hospital Admission Application Form (pledge)
    • National Health Insurance Recipient Card for Seniors / Medical Insurance Card for Latter-Stage Elderly (Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application / Reduction Certificate)
    • Seal / Writing implements
    • Medication Notebook

    If there are any changes in the information indicated on your insurance card or if you use public health services during your hospital stay, promptly notify Hospital Admissions on the first floor or a ward nurse.

  • The following items are required for your hospital stay.
    • Medications you are taking (please bring all medications)
    • Nightwear (nightie) (*)
    • Underwear (*)
    • Towel, bath towel (*)
    • Toiletries, shampoo (*)
    • Tissue paper, cup (*)
    • Comfortable footwear (no slippers) (*)


    • Utensils for meals (chopsticks, cup, spoons) will be provided by the hospital.
    • The hospital will provide items marked with an asterisk (*) for patients staying in Special Private Rooms.
    • Please bring all medications including medications prescribed by other medical institutions, over-the-counter drugs that you purchased, and your Medication Notebook / drug information sheets to show to the ward nurse.
    • Follow the instructions of the respective clinical departments if you will be undergoing surgery, are being admitted for childbirth, or with regards to children.
    • The hospital will provide newborn underwear and diapers.
    • Bedding will be provided by the hospital.
    • To prevent theft, do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables.
    • Physician consent is required for the use of beds for individuals accompanying patients. Please consult ward staff.
  • Hospital Amenity Sets
    • This system enables patients to rent nightwear and other necessary items at the time of hospital admission.
      • Pajama / towel set: 495 yen per day (tax included)
      • Disposable diaper set: 605 yen per day (tax included)
      • Daily amenity set: 1,000 yen (tax included)


The hospital ensures the “privacy” and comfort of hospital rooms to enable patients to focus on their treatment.
Visitors during your hospital stay will be asked to follow the following procedures from the perspective of ensuring privacy.

  1. Response to Inquiries on Inpatients
    • *The hospital will not respond to telephone inquiries.
    • *Hospital Visitors
    • ◇ If visitors do not know if the patient has been admitted, the hospital will not respond to their inquiries.
    • ◇ If visitors know that the patient has been admitted but do not know which ward the patient is in, they will be directed to the staff corner of the ward in question upon confirming that there are no restrictions regarding visits.
  2. Respond to Visitors
    • *If you do not wish to receive visitors after hospital admission, please inform the chief ward nurse upon completing a Visitor Refusal Form.
    • *If an inpatient who does not wish to receive visitors wishes to receive visitors during their hospital stay, a Request for Cancellation of the Visitor Refusal Form should be submitted to the chief ward nurse.
    • *If no form has been submitted, Security / General Reception will send visitors to the staff corner of the respective wards.


1st Floor Hospital Admissions (Weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Emergency Center (Non-consultation day / After Consultation Hours)
The Contact Form may also be used for inquiries.