2. Guide for Patients
  3. For First-Time Visitors
  4. Guide for International Patients

Consultation Hours

Reception Hours


Please confirm the outpatient consultation schedule in advance (Outpatient Consultation Schedule), as some clinical departments may be closed for examinations or operations.


Every Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Substitute Holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays

Guide for International Patients

Here are some tips when you are visiting us:

  1. If you are a resident in Japan
    We would like to ask you to bring a Japanese National Health Insurance Card and a referral letter (a patient referral document) as much as possible with you when you are visiting us.

    If you do not have a referral letter or Japanese National Health Insurance, we could offer you an appointment with one of our bilingual primary care physicians, Please call our Department of International Healthcare for more details on 03-6721-6239 / nttihc-ml@east.ntt.co.jp

    For more information regarding the referral letters please<<Click here>>
  2. If you are not a resident in Japan and do not hold Japanese National Health Insurance (visitors on business trip, tourists, staffs at embassy or international organizations based in Japan)
    • Navigating the healthcare system in japan can be complicated and one of our dedicated staff at department of International Healthcare team should be able to assist you.
    • In case of hospital admission, we may ask you a deposit payment in advance.
    • The medical expense are usually incurred by yourself or your insurers. The medical bill may be high depending on the investigations performed such as CT or MRI.

  3. If you are visiting us from abroad for your medical treatment or more detailed investigation:
    • We may ask you to apply for a medical visa to visit us for medical treatment. For more details please contact us at our Department of International Healthcare on 03-6721-6239 / nttihc-ml@east.ntt.co.jp
    • You may be charged a separate fee for summary translation if you bring documents that require translation on the day of the consultation.

Documents Necessary for Your Appointment

We are accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International), an international accreditation to the international standard and we are required to confirm the identity of the patients for protecting patient`s safety at our hospital.

We would like to confirm identify of all patients at the time of the registration by means of public documents, such as Japanese Health Insurance Card, Driver’s License, Passport, and Residence Card.

We therefore would like ask you to bring those documents with you at the time of your visit to our hospital.

International Patients Who Wish to Visit Japan for Medical Treatments From Abroad

Our department of International Healthcare will be able to assist you if you or your loved one wishes to travel to receive medical treatment in Japan.

In order for us to effectively triage your medical issues and ensure that you are receiving the right care on arrival to Japan, we are able to triage your medical case by our medical staffs prior to your arrival in Japan.

Please refer to a link below for some of the medical services we offer to the international patient.



  • Fee for documents such as your Medical Certificate in English, would usually cost between JPY3,300 to JPY16,500 (tax included) depending on the length and format of each letters requested.
  • The extra fee may be charged if the volume of the translation is larger than expected.
    *We do not translate document other than English/Japanese at this moment.
  • Fee for triaging your case by consulting with our specialists : ¥55,000 (tax included)

Required Documents

We would like you to bring a referral letter from your physicians documenting updating us on your presentation, investigations and treatments as much as possible. In order to ensure your safety, we would not be able to accept verbal information without any written documentations.

What We Offer

  • Decisions to accept or not to accept the consultation with reasons
  • Type of treatments (as either outpatient or inpatient) we could potentially offer
  • Treatment method (name of treatment, name of surgery, etc) available
  • Estimated scheduled period for investigation / treatment
  • Estimated treatment cost
  • * If we cannot make a decision based on the documents that we received, we may offer a conditional acceptance instead for a consultation with one of our physicians to see you and offer you an estimated examination fee (subject to change).

Recommended List of Your Registered Guarantors

We recommend you to contact your registered Guarantor at an early stage who will be able to assist you in obtaining your medical visa for your travel and ensuring that all the right communications are made prior to your travel.

Please click for the list of the Registered Guarantors below


Information For Patient`s Registered Guarantors

Please contact our Department of International Healthcare for more details for diseases and treatments that we accept. Please refer to the list below for some of our treatments we offer to the international patients


We would like to have our medical/patient information translated in English in advance as this would allow our hospital to treat your patients more efficiently.

For any question, please contact our Department of International Healthcare on 03-6721-6239 / nttihc-ml@east.ntt.co.jp