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President Greetings

President Takashi Ohe

NTT Medical Center Tokyo provides medical care to numerous patients with an emphasis on regional collaboration under the motto of “medical care that connects with people and the community”.

In 1952, Kanto Teishin Hospital, the precursor to NTT Medical Center Tokyo, was opened in Gotanda.
At the time in the hospital’s history, it was a hospital for employees of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, the predecessor of the NTT Group, and patients were limited to employees and their families. In 1986, it was designated as an authorized insurance medical institution, and opened to the general public. The hospital is directly operated by NTT East Corporation, and most hospital personnel work as employees of NTT East Corporation.

“As a symbol of the social contribution of NTT East Corporation, we are dedicated to ensuring the happiness of all who use the hospital through the provision of medical care, and to all who work at the hospital.” This is our steadfast mission. We make an effort to ensure the satisfaction of patients and their families through the differentiation of functions while maintaining smooth collaboration with primary care physicians, continuously providing specialized medical care as a core hospital in the region.

The features of our hospital are as follows:

  • As a general hospital, handle the treatment of various diseases
  • Practice multidisciplinary team care and comprehensively examine and treat patients
  • Proactively undertake minimally invasive (minimally physical burden) treatments
  • Promote the internationalization of healthcare

NTT Medical Center Tokyo ceaselessly implements improvements in the quality of medical care and medical safety as required by JCI (Joint Commission International), one of the international accreditations and evaluations of medical functions. In particular, the hospital conducts treatment and care with thorough consideration of the six international patient safety goals (patient identification, good communication, safe administration of medications, safe surgeries, measures against infections, and measures against falls).

Japan has a rapidly declining birth rate and aging population. In this super-aging society, which knows no global equivalent, we will move forward with you in pursuit of a world where you can reliably receive better medical care.

Takashi Ohe

  • Tokyo University School of Medicine Class of 1985, specializing in Orthopedic Surgery
  • Previous positions: President of Nadogaya Hospital
    April 2015 Chief Physician of Department of Orthopedic Surgery
    April 2018 Director of Department of Orthopedic Surgery
    April 2020 Vice-President of NTT Medical Center Tokyo
    April 2021 Appointed President of NTT Medical Center Tokyo