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Disclosure of Medical Records

Management of Medical Records

  • Inpatient medical records (approximately 100,000 records) and outpatient medical records (approximately 150,000 records) are centrally managed at Health Information Management. There are eight full-time medical information managers. Their specific tasks are as follows:
  • At NTT Medical Center Tokyo, electronic medical records have been introduced since December 2000, but previous paper medical files (outpatient/inpatient), X-ray films, ECG, EEG, and other records that need to be saved on paper even after the use of electronic medical records are centrally stored and managed, available for use at any time when required for medical care.
  • For electronic medical records, the status of information recorded in the medical records and completion of discharge summaries is checked, and physicians are encouraged to complete the records and summaries by the deadline.

Contact regarding the provision / disclosure of medical information (Notification of institutional criteria for the medical record management system premium submitted)

In an effort to enhance the trust between patients and medical staff and provide better quality care, the hospital actively engages in the provision of medical information through attending physicians in their daily consultations. Further information will be provided to patients who seek further explanation upon submitting a disclosure request either through “viewing / copying” for a fee.

Fees for the Disclosure of Medical Records

Description Amount (excluding consumption tax)

1.Fee for meeting with physician


2.Disclosure fee

Copying fee 3.Summary / autopsy records 3,000yen(1 copy)
4.Test data 50yen(1 copy)
5.Physician instructions 50yen(1 copy)
6.Progress records 50yen(1 copy)
7.Laboratory reports (including ECG, pathology reports, image interpretation records) 50yen(1 copy)
8.X-ray film (356mm x 432mm) 1,000yen(1 copy)
9.X-ray film (356mm x 356mm) 800yen(1 copy)
10.X-ray film (279mm x 356mm and B4 (257mm x 364mm)) 600yen(1 copy)
11.Pathology slide film 1,000yen(1 copy)
12.Radiological image (CD) 1,000yen(1 copy)
13.Other records Actual cost