2. Use of Personal Information

Reasons for the Hospital’s Use of Patient Personal Information

The Hospital uses patients’ personal information for the following purposes, and is committed to a thorough system for handling such information. Please contact the Patient Help Desk for any questions or concerns.

President of NTT Medical Center Tokyo

Ⅰ.In-Hospital Use

  1. Provision of medical services to patients
  2. Administration of medical insurance
  3. Ward management, such as admission and discharge
  4. Accounting
  5. Reporting medical accidents, etc.
  6. Improvement of medical services for patients
  7. Cooperation for in-hospital medical training
  8. Use for in-house case studies to improve the quality of medical care
  9. Other patient-related administrative tasks

Ⅱ.Use Outside the Hospital

  1. Cooperation with other hospitals, clinics, midwifery clinics, pharmacies, visiting nurse service stations, long-term care providers, etc.
  2. Response to inquiries from other medical institutions, etc.
  3. Seeking opinions or advice from external physicians, etc., for the purpose of patient care, etc.
  4. Outsourcing sample testing, etc.
  5. Explanation of medical conditions to the patient’s family, etc.
  6. Outsourcing insurance administration
  7. Provision of receipts (medical fee statement, etc.) to the checking/payment organizations
  8. Inquiries to payment organizations or insurers
  9. Response to inquiries from payment organizations or insurers
  10. Notifying employers, etc., of the results of health examinations requested by them
  11. Consultation or notification, etc., related to medical professional liability, insurance, etc. to medical professional organizations and insurance companies
  12. Registration of in-hospital cancer records at the Regional Cancer Medical Care Base Hospital, and registration, notification, updating, etc. related to the Tokyo Metropolitan Regional Cancer Database Project
  13. Provision of anonymized medical information to the Medical Information Database Infrastructure Development Project, conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, for the purpose of contributing to drug safety measures, etc.
  14. Provision of anonymized accident information to the Medical Institution Network Project, conducted by the Consumer Affairs Agency and the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan, in order to contribute to the protection of life and body, the improvement of public health, and the healthy development of children
  15. Use in other matters related to the administration of medical insurance for patients


  1. Provision of basic data to maintain and improve medical and long-term care services and operations.
  2. Provision of information to external auditing organizations
  3. *1 If you do not wish to have information listed above disclosed to other medical institutions, please request this to the Desk.
    *2 If you do not make such a request, we will assume that you have given your consent.
    *3 You may withdraw or amend your request at any time.