2. Use of Personal Information

Use of Personal Information

NTT Medical Center Tokyo takes all possible measures to ensure that all personal information under the following uses shall be regarded as confidential and available only to the authorized individual(s) or the third party.

NTT Medical Center Tokyo CEO


  1. Medical Services to Patients
  2. Health Insurance Claim
  3. Ward Management for Hospital Admission and Discharge
  4. Billing and Payment
  5. Medical Incident Report
  6. Medical Services Improvement to Patients
  7. Cooperation to Clinical Training
  8. Cooperation to Clinical Study for Healthcare Quality Improvement
  9. Patient Management and Other


  1. Regional Partnership Together with Health Care Providers (Hospitals, Clinics, Maternity Hospitals, Pharmacies, Home Nursing Stations, or Nursing Care Services), or Other Parties
  2. Referral Response to Health Care Providers or Other Parties
  3. Request for External Review to Health Care Providers or Other Parties for Patient Care
  4. Outsourcing Laboratory Services
  5. Informed Consent from Patients’ Families
  6. Outsourcing Health Insurance Claim Services
  7. Health Insurance Claims Provision to Health Insurance Claims Review & Reimbursement Services (HICRRS)
  8. Inquiry Response to HICRRS or Insurers
  9. Physical Examination Result to Insurers or Other Parties
  10. Request for Consultation or Claim to Specialized Organizations or Insurance Companies regarding Medical Professional Liability Insurance or Other Insurances or Other Insurances
  11. Application for Registration or Renewal as A Member of Cancer Care District Liaison Hospitals and A Member of Japanese Association of Cancer Registries (JACR)
  12. Anonymizing Medical Information Provision to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) and Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) for Medical Safety Measures of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.
  13. Anonymizing Medical Incident Information Provision to Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) and National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan (NCAC) for Patient Protection, Public Hygiene Improvement, and Child Health Development
  14. Health Insurance Claim and Others


  1. Study Materials for Maintenance and Improvement of Medical Services and Nursing Care Service
  2. Medical Information Provision to External Auditors


  1. If you disagree with anything mentioned above, please feel free to contact us.
  2. Otherwise we shall take it for granted that you would agree to this “USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION”.
  3. We accept your retraction and/or change anytime.

Patient Personal Information Service
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