2. Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

As a symbol of NTT East Corporation’s contribution to society, the NTT Medical Center Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as “the Hospital”), is committed to the happiness of all its users and employees through the provision of medical care. Based on this belief, we deeply recognize the importance of protecting personal information and will strive to ensure that all employees of the Hospital handle personal information appropriately in accordance with the following policy.

1.Collection of Personal Information

The Hospital collects personal information related to medical, nursing, and patient care from patients, and strives to keep the information accurate and up to date. Personal information includes information that is required to be recorded in medical records, as well as information related to test results, images, video recordings, and samples collected during medical treatment.
If personal information is collected for other purposes, the purpose will be disclosed in advance and consent will be obtained prior to collection.

2.Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Hospital will not use a patient’s personal information for purposes other than those for which it was originally provided, unless:

  1. The patient’s consent is obtained;
  2. The information is used in a manner that does not identify or specify an individual;
  3. Required by law or regulation; and
  4. Incidental to providing information to collaborating medical or other entities. (e.g., national cancer registries, prognostic studies).
    The Hospital will not disclose such information to third parties without the patient’s permission, except as required by law and regulation.

3.Proper Management of Personal Information

The Hospital shall establish an information security management system and continue to implement necessary measures to protect information, including strict security measures to prevent fraudulent access to patients’ personal information as well as loss/falsification/leakage of information, thorough staff training and proper supervision of contractors.

4.Confirmation/Correction of Personal Information

When a patient requests disclosure of their personal information, the Hospital will promptly confirm the content of the information and respond to the request in accordance with its policies. The Hospital will also investigate and respond appropriately to a request for the correction of the information; e.g., on the grounds that the information provided is untrue.

5.Contact for Inquiries

Please use the Inquiry Form to contact the “Patient Personal Information Service” for any questions regarding the Hospital’s Privacy Policy or for any inquiries regarding patient personal information.

6.Compliance with Laws and Improving the Personal Information Protection System

The Hospital will strive to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information by properly handling personal information, and will review the above items as necessary to continuously improve its personal information protection system.

President of NTT Medical Center Tokyo