2. Guide for Patients

Guide for Patients

Consultation Hours

Reception Hours


Please confirm the outpatient consultation schedule in advance (Outpatient Consultation Schedule), as some clinical departments may be closed for examinations or operations.


Every Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Substitute Holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays

To those who make the first visit to us for medical treatment

We ask those who visit us as outpatients to bring a referral letter (patient’s referral document) issued by primary care doctors or neighboring hospitals or clinics.

To provide highly advanced medical treatment

  1. We are a medical institution which provides medical care for an acute phase.
  2. For outpatient care, our specialists provide special medical treatment (treatment for diseases which are difficult to manage by primary care doctors) based on referral letter from primary care doctors, while primary doctors will provide medical treatment for everyday diseases (commonly seen diseases) to promote functional cooperation/role-sharing among medical institutions in our local community. We recommend comprehensive medical examination for those who would like to have medical checkup.
  3. Our attending specialists proactively refer our patients who have commonly seen diseases or condition of whom become stable after surgeries or treatments to medical institutions in our local community. Our course of action is requested by the Japanese Government. We would appreciate your kind understanding our responsibilities as an acute care hospital to fulfil our responsibilities in our community.
  4. We will properly respond to re-visit of patients whose condition was changed after we referred to hospitals/clinics in our community, or emergency cases. Please have a referral letter with you when you re-visit us. We would appreciate your kind understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to those who had been visiting us for a long period of time.


Emergency medical treatment, Specialities
Second opinion
Outpatient for Valvular disease
Outpatient for Neurosurgical operation and gumma knife
Outpatient for Smoking cessation

No smoking allowed on the premises

Smoking is prohibited on our property. We have no smoking room.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.