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Sport Medicine

(1) Overview

Sport Medicine is a department for disorders and injuries caused by sports. Professional knowledge and experience are important to provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment. We cover a wide range of athletes, including professional athletes and players of recreational sports.
We also are responsible for providing rehabilitation for athletes to return to sports. We support physical function by collaborating with the Rehabilitation Department, and provide support to prevent recurrence.

(2) Policy

Choosing Appropriate Treatment for Our Patients by Making the Right Diagnosis

Making the right diagnosis at your first visit is always important for any sport disorders and injuries. Our department has a specialist knowledge and experience in making the right diagnosis, thus offering the right treatment for any sport injuries or conditions.
In addition, we facilitate our patient to determine if the surgery is the right treatment. While we would perform an operation if this is determined the appropriate treatment, in cases where surgery is not required, we provide rehabilitation often used for the athletes. We remain committed to choose and provide the best treatments for each patient and to ensure that patients returning to their normal activities/sports.

(3) Our Strengths

Surgical Treatment for Knee and Ankle Joints Under Collaboration With the Orthopedic Surgery Department

We proactively provide surgical treatments for sports disorders and injuries occurred in the knees, ankle joints, and feet. Target diseases include anterior cruciate ligament injuries, medial collateral ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, osteochondritis dissecans, knee carriage injuries, ankle ligament damages, lower limb fatigue fracture, and Achilles tendon rupture.
We also provide treatments for sports disorders and injuries occurred in shoulders, hands, and spine.

Providing Support to Various Sports Teams

NTT East, our operating company, has sport teams consist of baseball team, badminton team, and rowing team. The Sports medicine department supports these sport teams. Our support includes medical check-up performed during preseason, and medical care for injuries and disorders during sports season by cooperating with the trainers of each sport team.

Providing Treatment to Wide Range of Patients Including Professional Athletes, Amateur Athletes, and Children in the Growth Period

Our department is providing treatment for wide range of patients, including professional athletes, student athletes, and people who play sports as a hobby, by using our treatment experience for high-level athletes.
Juveniles who are in growth period during elementary school age to high school age may have disorders such as osteomyelosis or transection osteochondritis, which typically occur during the growth period. The injuries, such as fatigue fractures and torn muscles are often occurred in athletes. We deal with such cases and ensure appropriate treatment.

Message for our patients

Please visit Sport Medicine department with a referral (a patient referral document) from the doctors of your local clinics when you wish to receive treatment in our hospital. We will provide precise diagnosis and treatment for sports-related disorders and injuries, and support our patients to return to sporting activities.