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Respiratory Medicine

(1) Overview

Respiratory Medicine Department treats a wide range of respiratory diseases. We treat a large number of patients especially lung cancer, interstitial pneumonia, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), nontuberculous mycobacterial infection and pneumomycosis at our outpatient. In addition, patients who have lung cancer, pneumonia and interstitial pneumonia are often treated at our inpatient facilities.

(2) Policy

We Value Patient’s Wishes

Our ethos is to provide medical care that is close to our patient’s expectation and wishes. This means that we would do our best to listen to our patients and provide a medical care that is individualized for each patient.

(3) Our Strengths

We Value Team Works Both Inside and Outside of the Hospital

In our department, each of our staff members are experts in handling respiratory diseases. In order to provide best care possible for our patients however, we always try to work collaboratively with the members from the other departments.

The team holds meetings regularly once a week for the outpatient and every day for the inpatients, constantly sharing essential information for the patient`s care. We also hold regular conferences with our Respiratory Surgery and Histopathology Departments once a week in order to discuss appropriate diagnosis and the best treatments for our patients. As for more rare respiratory diseases, we often provide treatments by closely collaborating with the specialists at other medical institutions.

We Treat a Wide Variety of Respiratory Diseases

We treat a variety of respiratory diseases including lung cancer, infectious diseases and inflammatory disease. Respiratory diseases are often caused by the combination of more than one disease hence we often need to be able to treat multiple diseases developed in lungs at the same time. For this reason, we work on being able to provide standard treatments for a wide range of respiratory diseases, without specializing in one area of respiratory diseases.

We are actively involved in research for developing treatments for some of the most intractable respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and interstitial lung diseases/fibrosis. We hope to find the next generation standard treatments for those diseases through our research.
*Please note that we are not able to provide beds for the treatments of tuberculosis patients at present due to our service restrictions.

Message for Our Patients

Among respiratory diseases, there are many diseases which are difficult to treat, often requiring long duration of treatments. While we realize that it is impossible to meet every patient’s wish and expectations, we will do our best to give as accurate diagnosis as possible and communicate with our patients about their medical conditions effectively. Our goal is to provide medical care to the all the patients with intractable respiratory diseases in line with their wishes as much as possible.