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Gynecology & Obstetrics

Gynecology & Obstetrics

(1) Overview

We treat a wide range of diseases unique to women, from benign diseases such as uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst, to more life threatening diseases such as cancers including cervical cancer, uterine body cancer and ovarian cancer. We also investigate and treat reproductive issues such as perimenopausal issues.

Our hospital is currently designated as a Core Cancer Treatment Hospital by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and we are proud to be able to contribute to the health of our local community in this way. This means that we have an established medical health system in place including staffing and facilities, in order to adequately treat cancers such as uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. We strive to promptly respond to our patient’s needs from the first consultation, through diagnosis and treatment.

In fall 2017, we have renovated the Gynecology & Obstetrics ward and created a new Obstetrics ward. By moving our Obstetric outpatient onto the same floor as our Obstetric ward, we hope to be able to improve the quality of our services and increase capacity for deliveries further.

Please note that we do not currently manage infertility issue at present.

(2) Policy

We Strive to Protect Your Safety and Comfort During Your Pregnancy

All of our deliveries are currently performed in the comfort of private LDR rooms (Labor, Delivery, and Recovery). We understand the need of the many expectant mothers and we are always supportive of the partner’s presence at delivery, and for mothers to sleep with the baby after birth whenever appropriate.

All of our newborns are managed by our pediatricians immediately after birth. Our anesthesiology specialist are responsible for carrying out anesthesia required for caesarean sections and we believe that we are able to manage any irregularities during deliveries.

We have a well established midwifery outpatient clinic since 2007 and we offer mother classes (childbirth education), parents’ classes and maternity yoga for all expectant mothers.

We Value Teamwork in Treating Gynecological Cancer

In order to optimize treatment of our gynecological cancers, it is extremely important to provide team medical care in collaboration with urologists, colorectal surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, as well as palliative care teams. Many of our cancer patients often require anticancer drugs, hence we take appropriate measures to address side effects of the medications through the help of a team consisting of doctors and pharmacists. In addition, we work proactively with other departments to treat patients with gynecological malignancies as our patients often have other co-existing conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

We often perform Robot- assisted Surgeries in order to reduce the burden of the surgery post operatively and to ensure safety.

(3) Our Strengths

We Provide Paternity Childcare Plan

We provide two days of tutorial sessions to our expectant fathers. This includes teaching by our midwives about baby bathing, baby formula milk preparation and child care experiences.

(4)Things to Note Before Consulting With Us

Request to Our Patients

[Timing for consultation]

  • For those patients who have not seen a doctor yet: Currently we have no restriction on the timing of consultation. However, it is desirable for us to see you by 12 weeks of pregnancy (12 weeks 6 days).
  • Patients who has already seen other doctors from different medical facilities: Please come to see us by the 20th week of pregnancy (20 weeks 6 days) at the latest with a referral letter from your previous doctor.

[Appointment for consultation]

Please make an appointment via phone call or email if you wish to deliver at our hospital. Please ensure to have a referral letter with you when you visit us.

Request an appointment:
Tel: 03-6721-6239 (Mon.-Fri. 8:30-17:00)
E-mail: nttihc-ml@east.ntt.co.jp

[Other information]

Currently we have no restriction on the timing of consultation. However, we may not accept deliveries should the delivery appointments exceed the certain gestation. Please also note that we do not provide health checkup for expectant mothers who will not be delivering at our hospital. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Our approximate fee for the prenatal health checks, delivery and post- delivery costs are summarized on the link below:

The cost of your delivery and check ups at NTT Medical Centre Tokyo


When do I need to register with the hospital for my pregnancy?
For safety reasons, we would like you to register to our hospital the latest by the 20th week of gestation. We may not be able to register your pregnancy after this period at our hospital.
Is it possible to have the delivery at NTT Medical Centre?
Yes, please contact us once you get a referral letter so that I can make an appointment for you. Alternatively you could see our on- site bilingual GP who would be able to write a referral letter for you. For more details please contact International Healthcare
What are the typical length of inpatient stay at NTT Medical Centre?
Approximately 5 nights 6 days for normal delivery
Approximately 8 nights 9 days for C-section
What sort of rooms are available at NTT Medical Centre??
You can choose shared room or private room depending on availability.
There are several types of private rooms available with additional cost from 25,000JPY to 50,000JPY(non-taxable) per day.
What is the typical price for the delivery at NTT Medical Centre??
Approximately 600,000JPY(non-taxable) for delivery though this varies depending on your conditions and the choice of your room etc.
For more details please see attached price listing for more details click here
Do you have an on-site nursery school available for the mothers?
We are pleased to offer our Nursery school services, “DAIKIDS Gotanda” exclusively to those who have given birth at our hospital. We understand that taking care of your baby effectively immediately after the delivery can be frustrating. The service is designed to support the mothers with their childcare post- delivery and to allow mothers to have their fresh start.
Is it possible to do an epidural anesthesia for my delivery at NTT Medical Centre??
We do NOT offer a painless delivery. The only occasion we use epidural anesthesia would be when patients undergo Caesarian Section.
Does the department offer exclusive female physician`s care?
NTT Medical Centre offers female Doctor`s care for the prenatal care. Unfortunately we would not be able to offer you a choice whether male or female doctor during out of hours or during delivery as we operate on call basis during those times.
Is partner allowed in the room to accompany during my delivery given the current COVID 19 environment?
We are able to offer you to stay with your wife during the delivery time providing that you are tested negative for Covid- 19 by us if you are able to rent out a private room (the cost of our private rooms are as attached above). Your partner will not be able to accompany if you are delivering in shared rooms due to the lack of space available for extra person.
What is the cost of the delivery if I am delivering by a Caesarian section?
Caesarian section would usually cost more than the normal delivery however if you do have a Japanese National Health Insurance then your insurance would usually be able to cover some of this cost in this case. The detail of the cost breakdowns if you are using the Japanese National Health Insurance is covered on the attachment above.