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  3. Endocrinology & Diabetes

Endocrinology & Diabetes

(1) Overview

Endocrinology & Diabetes Department specializes in diabetes and all other hormonal disorders such as thyroid diseases. We work together as a team to provide highly specialized treatment, staffed by medical specialists certified by the Japanese Diabetes Society and the Japanese Endocrine Society, as well as specialist nurses certified by the Board for Diabetes Educators in Japan.

(2) Policy

We value close collaboration with our primary care doctors and share valuable medical information where possible. In order to provide high quality care to all our diabetes patients, we believe that good communication and sharing vital information of our patients is key to providing consistent good diabetes care.

(3) Our Strengths

We Strive to Minimize Burden on Patients by Commencing Insulin Therapy at Our Outpatient Clinic

While some Japanese hospitals may traditionally start insulin treatment as an inpatient, we often commence insulin treatment to our type 2 diabetic patients at our outpatient clinic. We usually commence insulin treatment as an outpatient in those patients with difficulty controlling their blood sugar by oral medication alone, given that our specialists have determined that it is safe to do so.
The training of self-injection of insulin is usually guided by our specialist nurses who have been certified by the Board of Diabetes Educators in Japan. We hope that avoiding unnecessary admissions by providing insulin treatment at our outpatient clinic will minimize burden for our diabetic patients.

Our Average Length of Inpatient Admission is 6.5 Days for Poorly Controlled Diabetic Patients

For those patients whose diabetes remain poorly controlled with outpatient treatment alone, we sometimes offer inpatient treatment. Our goal is for patients to return to normal life as early as possible, especially in those patients who are in their working age. Our average length of hospitalization in 2021 was 6.5 days.

Our Team Specializes in Diabetes Treatment

Since 1994, our hospital has been accredited by the Japanese Diabetes Association as an educational facility specializing in diabetic care and we ensure that our staff and facilities are of the highest standard. Dr Hayashi, our department Director, is a certified endocrinology and metabolism instructor of the Japanese Endocrinology Society.
Our strength lies in team effort, consisting of diabetes specialists certified by the Japanese Diabetes Society, specialists nurses who were certified by the Diabetes Educator of Japan and the Board for Diabetes Educators in Japan, registered dietitians, and clinical technicians.