2. Department
  3. Rehabilitation


(1) Overview

Rehabilitation provides the rehabilitation (Rehab) for the inpatients without having beds for our patients while working with other departments.
The departments we work with include not only those where the need for rehabilitation is generally known, such as Neurosurgery, Neurology, and Orthopedic Surgery, but also all other departments including Dermatology and Palliative Care. We have provided rehabilitation services to more than 3,000 patients* per year since FY 2014.
The disuse syndrome, which is caused by not using body function, is getting increased.

  • ※The new patients from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 is 3,950.

(2) Policy

We always regard our patients as the center of the rehabilitation team, which is composed by various professionals. We aim for the improvement of the quality of life (QOL) of our patients. In our department, we also value cooperating with nurses of all departments and inpatient wards.
We are setting up the rehab plan and goal upon accurately grasping the condition of the patients and nature of the diseases.

(3) Our Strengths

Get Started the Rehab From the Day the Stroke Patients Are Hospitalized

We have a system to start the rehab on the day of the hospitalization of the stroke patients, upon coordinating with Stroke Care Unit, which was founded in 2005. By commencing the rehab on the day of the hospitalization of the stroke patients, we aim for the early ambulation and early recovery of the function. In 2016, the average days of the hospitalization in Stroke Care Unit, NTT Medical Center Tokyo are about 21 days.

  • ※From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017

Approach to the Disuse Syndrome

The Disuse Syndrome is the condition that adversely affects the activities of the daily living caused by the muscle weakness, the decline of the function of internal organs, and the joint contracture. This is caused by not using the body, and is generally called as the disuse syndrome, which is becoming an overall social problem for the aging society.
The discovery and prevention at the early stage are important for the early discharge in good condition without developing the medical condition. We, therefore, start the rehab as early as possible by grasping the eating and physical functions of our patients who are hospitalized for various reasons, upon coordinating with the nurses of the inpatient wards.

The Goal We Aim by Cooperating With Each Department

We provide the rehab to the patients who will have the surgery for the degenerative diseases of bones and articular, and the disorder caused by the sports activities upon coordinating with Orthopedic Surgery. We think that improving the functions and maintaining the muscles of the bodies by the rehab before the surgery will lead to the improvement of the treatment effect.
We provide the suitable exercise therapy to the patients who are under the pain treatment at Pain Clinic to expand the movements depending on the level of the pain.
We provide the rehab to improve the quality of life of the patients while reviewing the condition of each patient, so that they will spend the precious time left as being themselves.

Message for Our Patient

The duration of the treatment including the rehab is limited given our function as the acute care hospital. With this limitation, we would like to provide satisfying rehabilitation in responding to the daily improving medical care and the complicating structure of the diseases promptly from the ultra-acute stage.

We will continuously dedicate ourselves to make the daily living of our patients be as close as it was while thinking of the life and environment of the patients with their families and overcome the challenges together.