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What is Dermatology?


(1) Overview

We provide medical care for various skin diseases mainly atopic dermatitis and psoriasis vulgaris. The number of outpatients who visit us is about 33,000* annually. Other than atopic dermatitis and psoriasis vulgaris, athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), senile wart, atheroma, shingles, verruca vulgaris (warts), and hives are frequently seen for our medical cares.

  • *From January 1st, 2020 ~ December 31, 2020

(2) Policy

We endeavor to establish a system to respond to various skin diseases. We also have a goal to further enhance the quality of medical care in order for local residents to be referred and receive medical cares at ease having faith in us.

(3) Characteristics

Focusing on the treatment of atomic dermatitis

In the treatment of atomic dermatitis, we basically give the topical therapy (treatments that use topical cream) using steroidal anti-inflammatory agent and moisturizing agent, while concurrently providing oral therapy using anti-allergic medications (treatments that use internal medicine) Additionally, since 2017, we commenced treatments of injectable medicine, which is antibody preparation. We also focus on external guidance and life guidance depending on the condition of patients.

System to provide comprehensive treatment of varicose veins

We have outpatient for varicose veins. We aim for providing comprehensive treatment of varicose veins. Varicose veins is the disease in which venous walls in a lower body swell like bumps. The varicose veins trigger backflow of blood caused by long standing work obesity.
At the specialty outpatient clinic, we provide surgical treatments such as stripping surgeries, high ligations, and intravascular laser ablation upon examining condition of each patient in details. These surgeries will basically require admission for two days and one night.

Providing laser therapy

We provide laser therapies for the purposes of thinning bruises or stains, and removing small tumors. We have equipment to irradiate beams which meet purposes of treatments, such as Q switch alexander light laser for bruises (ectopic Mongolian spot), and traumatic pigmentation, and pulsed dye laser for telangiectasia. There are lather therapies which will end at one, or require several times in the intervals of few months. Our motto is to provide sufficient explanation before treatments. Please do not hesitate to ask us for expected period required for getting therapeutic effects. We provide resection for skin tumors such as atheroma. We make judgement for application and non-application of health care services provided by health insurance at consultations. As for cost, please contact us when you visit us.

  • *We do not provide chemical peeling, wrinkle reduction and piercing.

Message to our patients

New medications and treatment equipment come to a stage one after another with the progress of medicine, through which we can expect improvement which was hard to imagine in the past. However, there are quite a few refractory diseases which have chronic courses.
We will continuously endeavor to enhance satisfaction of treatments for patients day after day. We would appreciate your kind understanding that there are skin diseases which will require time for treatment. We hope to continue treatments for improvement together with you.