Guide to Ethical Review Applications

Please note the following points when submitting an application to the NTT Medical Center Tokyo Ethical Review Board.
There is no official format; however, please ensure that the following requirements are met and materials are attached. The date of application is the date the documents are received by the secretariat.

  1. NTT Medical Center Tokyo Ethical Review Board
  2. Applicant (Clearly indicate roles and responsibilities)
  3. Application Items
  4. Overview of Purpose
  5. Overview of Measures
  6. Date of Implementation
  7. Urgency (reason and deadline)

The NTT Medical Center Tokyo Ethical Review Board will examine the materials submitted by the applicant in advance and determine the necessity of deliberation by the committee. As the committee will deliberate whether ethical considerations with regards to the patient have been complied with in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki, please submit all materials including consent forms.
For applications eligible for deliberation at a committee meeting, the applicant or their representative should be present at the meeting to explain the case.
Applications that do not require deliberation at a committee meeting will be reviewed in a round robin manner, and responses will be requested as needed.
If the committee reaches the consensus that there are no ethical issues, this shall be reported to the hospital director, and upon obtaining the approval of the hospital director, this shall be given to the applicant as a sign of de facto approval.
In terms of committee decisions, in addition to approval, there are conditional approval, recommendation to make changes, and rejection, which will be communicated to the applicant with the reason for the decision. If requesting a repeat deliberation and review, re-submit the materials along with an application that clearly indicates the improvements made regarding the comments that were made.

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