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Emergency treatment

Consultation Hours

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Please confirm the outpatient consultation schedule in advance (Outpatient Consultation Schedule), as some clinical departments may be closed for examinations or operations.


Every Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Substitute Holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays

Emergency treatment

This hospital began to provide regional emergency care in September 1993 as a Tokyo Municipal Designated Secondary Emergency Treatment Institution.

Emergency patients are handled during regular hospital days at the Emergency Center and at each clinical department outpatient area. At other than regular consultation hours, on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and at New Years, the Emergency Center provides treatment for emergency patients on a 24-hour basis. Treatment is provided in 5 areas, internal medicine, surgery, cardiovascular, neuroendovascular and obstetrics and gynecology, with personnel on duty in each area.

Please be aware that with partial exceptions, the emergency treatment is focused on emergency care. Most of the care is not specialized, and depending on the requirement, treatment is given while in contact with specialists.

Currently it comprises 6 doctors, 2 nurses, 2 x-ray technician, 1 clinical examination doctor, 1 pharmacist and a night head nurse, for a total of 12 people.

There are limitations on the fields of care provided at the Emergency Center outside of regular hours of operation, and on some days the doctors on duty may be from other fields of specialization. When they provide care while contacting the relevant specialty department, there may be cases where they cannot provide care depending on circumstances, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you become ill or are injured at night or on holidays.

When you call in by telephone, if you give your name and consultation ticket number, then we can ascertain your continuing health issues, the medications that you are taking and other matters in order to smoothly respond to your request. When you come to the hospital, be sure to bring your health insurance card and consultation ticket for this hospital. Additionally, if you have medications that were prescribed by another hospital, bring that prescribed medicine with you. Further, if you do not have your health insurance card, please be aware that we will have to charge you for the actual cost of care.

The Emergency Center tries to provide the correct treatment as quickly as possible, and it is where you receive examination when emergency care is necessary, but please understand the following points and cooperate with us.

  1. We treat patients in the order of severity of the illness, and so depending on your condition you may be asked to wait.
  2. Because the examinations outside of regular hours they are limited to the minimum necessary, and are not full examinations.
  3. During regular hours, you may be asked to receive treatment at an outpatient specialist.
  4. Prescriptions are given for up to 3 days in principle.